4 Reasons to Take a LED Light Therapy System With You When Traveling

Sep 25, 2020 | Laurie Velger

Medically reviewed by Karen Wolters, RN and Joanna Fearnley, LPN



For those who worry about traveling because of pain in their feet, or have back, knee or hip issues, you don’t have to curtail your wanderlust. Near-infrared (red LED light) Therapy can open the door to a better quality of life, allowing you the freedom from pain and discomfort to venture out and travel when you desire. So the next time you pack your bags for that long-awaited vacation, or even that spontaneous weekend getaway, don’t forget to include a red light therapy pad in your suitcase. Here are 4 reasons why:



1) Long Periods of Sitting During Plane, Train, or Car Travel

Sitting still in a cramped space for a long period of time during travel, whether in a car, a train, or an airplane, can increase discomfort, especially for those with poor circulation. Sitting still in a confined area for extended periods may also lead to muscle stiffness, muscle spasms, and heightened pain. Medical-grade LED Light Therapy devices from reputable manufacturers such as HealthLight have received clearances from the FDA for the temporary increase in local circulation, and for the temporary relief of pain, stiffness, and muscle spasms. So self-administering Red Light Therapy daily several weeks before traveling, and especially on the day of your trip, not to mention as soon as you arrive at your accommodations, will be a big help in making sure your circulation remains healthy.



2) Walking More Than Usual

Vacations are a time for seeing the sights in a different area — experiencing new restaurants; exploring museums, theme parks, hiking trails, or a myriad of other attractions. All of this means walking more than you normally do. With a LED Light Therapy system waiting for you wherever you are staying, you may not have to think twice about exploring the downtown area or taking that hike. Twenty minutes of treatment in the morning before you go out, and then another twenty minutes of LED Light Therapy again when you return to your room will keep your feet, balance, and gait steady and ready for another day of adventure.



3) Sports Injuries

If you are like most people, you will take the opportunity to engage in some type of sports activity at some point during your vacation. But intense activity like golfing, tennis, canoeing, hiking, and biking, especially when it is not part of your usual routine, may cause an injury like  muscle aches, strains, or sprains in the lower back, knee, shoulder, or hip.  This is when having a LED Light Therapy system at your disposal at any time comes in very handy to increase circulation and reduce pain in any part of your body that needs support.



4) Your Family

And last but not least, if any members of your family are traveling with you, especially seniors or those with chronic conditions, this is enough of a reason to take a LED Light Therapy system with you for everyone’s use and well being. Having a LED Light Therapy system on hand to help alleviate any pain and discomfort arising from reasons 1 through 4 not only for you personally, but also for your loved ones, will make any vacation more enjoyable and memorable, especially when everyone in your group is able to be more physically comfortable and active the whole time.


Lightweight and Essential

For all of the above reasons, a LED Light Therapy system can be considered an essential travel item, as important as your toothbrush, sunglasses, Swiss army knife, or favorite pair of sneakers. If you already own one of HealthLight’s Express At-Home Systems, then you know how lightweight and convenient it is, especially the small size of the controller.  These controllers are in-line, meaning they are attached to the LED Light Therapy pads and will not be lost, or forgotten when packing. And all of these systems come with their own travel bag.

Easy-to-operate HealthLight systems are user-friendly, with one-touch operation that runs an automatic twenty-minute program with automatic shut-off. HealthLight offers their Express At-Home Systems with both one-pad and two-pad configurations, as one controller is able to operate two pads simultaneously.  HealthLight’s pads are strong, comfortable, and flexible. They are also extremely versatile, meaning that the same pad can be used on many different parts of your body.

HealthLight offers a wide range of affordable, easy-to-use home systems to meet all needs and pocketbooks to help people everywhere achieve a better quality of life.  If you don’t have a HealthLight system, consider getting one today, in plenty of time before your next trip!



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