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Premier USA manufacturer of medical-grade light therapy pads for pain and circulation.

Amazing Results From Medical-Grade Red Light Therapy Pads

Drug-free pain relief - use fewer meds

 Clinical-strength devices typically used by doctors

Circulation improvement & muscle relaxation

Temporary relief for stiffness caused by arthritis

Results often felt after just a few sessions

Red light therapy pad for feet
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HealthLight, partnered with USVetServ, has special offers through the Veterans Health Administration. If you are active or retired military, please call us at 312-669-1053 x4 or 312-205-8983 for more information.

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HealthLight Therapy Pads are medical-grade products and not available for online purchase.

Contact our experts for advice to purchase the proper pads for your individual needs.


HealthLight Battery-Powered Controller:
Pain Relief on the Go

Imagine pain-free independence. The new HealthLight Battery-Powered Controller allows you to use your Light Therapy pads on the go. One single charge allows for up to ten 20-minute sessions. Powers up to two pads at once. 

Foot & Ankle

122 Diode Pad

Foot & Calf

131 Diode Pad

Large Pad

264 Diode Pad

Long Pad

180 Diode Pad

Medium Pad

132 Diode Pad

Small Pad

90 Diode Pad


261 Diode Pad

Knee Pad

204 Diode Pad


104 Diode Pad

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HealthLight is Trusted by Professionals

See how HealthLight red light therapy pads are making a difference for patients and healthcare professionals. 



Relieve pain in the comfort of your own home.

wwh physical therapists

Physical Therapists

For all body types - accelerates treatment.

wwh chiropractors


Popular for reductions of pain in all areas.

wwh podiatrists


Reduces pain in patients' lower extremities.

wwh massage therapists

Massage Therapists

Light therapy is used before massage session.

How HealthLight Red Light Therapy Pads Compare To Other Light Therapy Devices

Red total power, mW, at surface of pad
  • HealthLight
  • Celluma
  • NeuroCare
Joules per minute at surface of pad
  • HealthLight
  • Lightsource
  • Anodyne

How HealthLight Red Light Therapy Pads Compare To Lasers, Panels & Saunas

Infrared & Red Light Therapy Pads

  • Pain is common

    One of the most common reasons for doctor visits that affects people of all ages.

  • Major impact on lives

    Prevents those affected from working or participating in daily activities.

  • Pain's effects

    Pain can affect sleep, emotional well being and quality of life.

Who Uses Red Light Therapy Pads?

See how HealthLight light therapy pads are making a difference.

Does Red Light Therapy Work?

Yes, It works! Red light therapy is backed by years of science. In 1993, Duke University researchers discovered the benefits of red light therapy. In 1998, three American physiologists won the Nobel Prize for discovering that nitric oxide causes the blood vessels to dilate. This effect can be seen when a patient with angina takes nitroglycerin. The blood vessels dilate and reduce the angina. However, nitric oxide must be taken by mouth and reach the heart systemically via the blood flow.

Because near-infrared light can produce nitric oxide locally wherever the red light therapy pads are applied on the body, it causes increased blood flow and reduced pain.

Decades of research have found that certain wavelengths of light within the red and infrared bands can be beneficial to living tissue.

ir light skin penetration
Light therapy pads use red and infrared light.

The light triggers the release of nitric oxide from blood vessels and red blood cells.
Nitric oxide causes local vasodilation that lasts several hours after the therapy session has ended.

Vasodilation blood flow
Vasodilation significantly improves blood flow.

Improving blood flow promotes positive change in patients, lessens pain and helps nerves to begin to carry sensations again.

There are two main factors to maximize the benefits of red light therapy pads

wavelength 01
Infrared Light Therapy Wavelength Chart explaining how rred light pads work

There are two main factors to maximize the benefits of red light therapy pads: the wavelength and dosage of light energy. Most devices deliver red light between 630-700nm. Sometimes, near infrared light is included typically between 800-900nm. HealthLight provides both types of light because the combination of different wavelengths positively impacts the depth of penetration.

The bulk of clinical literature suggests that light in the mid-600nm range to high-800nm range is most effective. That is because these wavelengths have the greatest effect on the cellular respiration process.

The amount of energy delivered during the treatment is measured in joules. There needs to be sufficient energy transmitted from the red and infrared LEDs during treatment to achieve an adequate dosage. The amount of joules delivered from our pads achieves this goal.

Trusted by professionals

Leading Bloodflow Researcher

Dr. Tom Burke spent years at the University of Colorado researching the physiology behind red light therapy.

Watch this video to learn about some of the profound effects on the body.

Gerald Pollack

Light's Effect on the Human Body

Biomedical Engineer

Dr. Gerald Pollack from the University of Washington shares new information and ideas about how light charges up our human cells faster than our cell phones. The report from his lab may surprise you.

We are dedicated to the improved health of our customers.

HealthLight is proud to design and produce industry-leading, FDA-listed red light therapy pads in our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility near Chicago. Our founder, Mrs. Wolters, is a retired nurse and has made it her mission and lasting legacy to provide pain relief for those who need it.


A message from our founder.

Some feedback from our customers


I was afraid I wasn't going to be able to stand much longer when I had progressive pain. It got worse until it was debilitating. I've been using Healthlight for almost 6 months and now I feel I can do anything I could have done 20 years ago!

Beth Dawson

Quilt maker
mastercontrol award 2019
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With HealthLight, The solution to your pain is not stuck on a ship.

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HealthLight red light therapy devices are made in the USA, in stock and ready to help today!

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The Healthlight Difference

Highest power at the skin.

Never operates above 105 degree F.

Focusing lens to optimize energy focus

Proudly made in the USA

Pulses to avoid tolerance build-up

red blue light waves

Ability to maintain narrow band of beneficial wavelengths

Pad flexibility conforms to body--no loss of energy at pain site

USB-style connectors, not breakable DIN’s.

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