How To Choose a Red Light Therapy Pad

Oct 24, 2022 | Laurie Velger

Medically reviewed by Karen Wolters, RN and Joanna Fearnley, LPN

Owning a professional-level, medical-grade red light therapy device is not just for health practitioners.  Any individual with chronic or occasional pain or in need of increased circulation and healing support will benefit greatly from owning their own medical-grade Red Light/Infrared Therapy device for home use — the caliber of device that might be found at the office of a medical doctor, chiropractor, physical therapist, podiatrist, physical therapist, or acupuncturist.  Choosing a Red Light Therapy device at a medical-grade, professional level will be one of the best investments that you will ever make for your health and well being.  But what exactly makes an LED Red Light Therapy device “medical-grade?”  

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How to Choose a Red Light Therapy Device that is Medical-Grade

Several important elements bring an LED Red Light Therapy device up to the highest standard of medical grade — ensuring that your device will deliver the greatest value in regards to quality, reliability, durability, and, most importantly, beneficial therapeutic outcomes for you and your family.  Here are 8 key elements that make a Red Light Therapy device medical-grade:


  1.     FDA Listed or Cleared:  Most important is that the Red Light Therapy device that you are considering should be FDA listed or cleared.  This means that the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has reviewed this product and has determined that this particular device has met its standards and is safe.  Be aware that many foreign-made Red Light Therapy devices sold on online marketplaces are not FDA listed, and so their safety and quality cannot be assured.  If the device you are considering is not FDA listed, then consider another device. 


  1.     Optimal Joules:  Joules is the dosage of light delivered by the device at the skin surface into the body. Joules is actually the key element that indicates the quality of a Red Light Therapy device, and what makes one Red Light/Infrared Therapy device superior to another. A higher number of joules is more optimal. Unfortunately, joules vary substantially from one manufacturer to another. There should be information available regarding the amount of joules delivered by the Therapy Pad.  HealthLight, a leading U.S. manufacturer of Red Light/Infrared Therapy devices, provides this information for each pad they make.  And in a comparison study by an independent third party laboratory, HealthLight Therapy Pads delivered more joules than other well known brands.


  1.     Therapeutic Wavelengths:  Light-emitting diodes (LEDs) that emit light in the correct therapeutic wavelengths are crucial for a therapy session to be effective and successfully support and accelerate your body’s innate healing ability.  HealthLight’s wavelengths are chosen for maximum therapeutic benefits at the cellular level.  HealthLight’s devices emit red light at 630 nm; infrared light at 850 nm; and blue light at 465 nm.  Devices in the marketplace differ in their wavelengths, so check this key element.


  1.     Red Plus Infrared LEDs:  Red Light Therapy Pads should not only contain red LEDs, but also infrared LEDs.  This combination of red light and infrared light allows for more light penetration into the body, and is more effective than either red light alone or infrared light alone.  Blue LED lights can also be included for skin and antimicrobial benefits. HealthLight makes Therapy Pads that have both red and infrared LEDs, as well as pads that also include blue LEDs.


  1.     Pulsing Light:  A medical-grade Red Light Therapy device should emit light pulsed to beneficial cellular resonance frequencies, rather than continuous wave, always on, light.  Health practitioners have determined that the body responds quicker and with better long-term response to pulsing light, rather than light that is constant.


  1.     Pad Design and Size: Watch out for Light Therapy Pads whose designs limit their therapy applications.  Pads should be versatile, capable of being used on many different body areas. The versatility of a Light Therapy Pad is determined by its flexibility.  A flexible pad that can bend easily can be used on many areas.  For example, the same pad can be placed on the back or under the foot, or wrapped around an arm, leg, or wrist with Velcro. HealthLight’s pads are made of soft neoprene fabric, which makes them extremely flexible and versatile.  Also, pad size matters. Light Therapy Pads should offer enough body coverage to be effective.  One pad should cover the entire area of the body where pain relief and increased circulation are needed.


  1.     Durability: The device should be able to hold up to daily usage by one or more individuals.  All seams on the Light Therapy Pad(s), as well as all borders, should be strong and not likely to fray or split. HealthLight’s neoprene Light Therapy Pads have no seams, so fraying and splitting are never an issue.


  1.     Warranty and Repair Service:  Last but not least, there should be a warranty plus a repair policy, in case your device ever needs to be serviced after the warranty expires.  All of HealthLight’s systems come with a generous two-year warranty, and repair service is available thereafter.

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Whenever you are ready to purchase a medical-grade, FDA-listed Red Light Therapy device, choose HealthLight. HealthLight makes the most powerful clinical-strength Red Light Therapy available in today’s marketplace, giving you all the therapeutic benefits of Red Light Therapy in the comfort and convenience of your home. When it comes to choosing a red light therapy device, you can’t go wrong with HealthLight. We offer a wide variety of LED pads to meet the needs and budget of any individual, family, or health practitioner.


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