The HealthLight Difference

We constantly hear from customers who have tried cheap, imported light therapy pads that achieve disappointing results. Here is what makes HealthLight products different.

Foot Ankle Corners

Medical-Grade Technology for Superior Results

The Highest and Most Efficient Power:

Independent laboratory testing confirms HealthLight Light Therapy devices deliver the highest amount of light energy to the skin. Whether you measure: (1) mW from the pad to the body or (2) joules delivered in a 20 minute session, HealthLight delivers the most. Competitor brands need significantly more time to deliver the same amount of light to the body.

180 Pad 500w
Infrared Light Therapy Wavelength Chart explaining how rred light pads work


Low-quality LEDs, found in imports, cannot maintain a narrow band of the critical red and infrared wavelengths. HealthLight's LEDs maintain a narrow band of wavelengths that are essential to the efficacy of infrared light therapy.


HealthLight has a special microprocessor controlling the LED to allow pulsing. Just like with drugs, the body builds up a tolerance. With pulsing, the body does not build up this tolerance and continues to respond during every treatment session.


Proximity to the Body:

HealthLight’s soft neoprene pads allow flexibility to conform to the shape of the body, minimizing any loss of light and maximizing the light energy into the body. Products made of hard plastic or panels disperse the light reducing the mW and joules to the treatment site, by as much as 90%.


The FDA requires that LED products do not exceed 105F. HealthLight pads operate at a temperature between 98—103F. This allows a full 20-minute session which provides the highest amount of joules without exceeding the FDA requirements. Competitors may reduce the energy output in a treatment cycle, reduce the number of LEDs in their product, or simply ignore the FDA requirements. This is especially important to patients with foot or hand numbness who can’t feel the higher temperatures.

264 Shoulder 400w
LED Focus 450w

Focus of LED Lens:

HealthLight uses a 20-degree focused angle LED that delivers light energy directly into the body where it’s needed. This functionality is like comparing a spotlight vs. a lamp.  Less light is lost to the surrounding area making the treatment more effective.

Made in the USA

HealthLight devices are made in a state-of-the-art facility near Chicago. Our U.S.based nurses are always available to provide outstanding customer service and support. If you order today, we ship today; no supply chain issues. 

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How HealthLight Red Light Therapy Pads Compare To Other Light Therapy Devices

Red total power, mW, at surface of pad
  • HealthLight
  • Celluma
  • NeuroCare
Joules per minute at surface of pad
  • HealthLight
  • Lightsource
  • Anodyne

How HealthLight Red Light Therapy Pads Compare To Lasers, Panels & Saunas

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