We are dedicated to the improved health of our customers.

Healthlight is proud to design and produce industry-leading, FDA-listed light therapy products in our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility near Chicago.

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A message from our founder

We are committed to:

  • Our Patients' Continued Good Health
  • Excellent Customer Service
  • Market Leadership & Innovation
  • Ehtics In All Our Dealings
  • Supporting Re-sellers and Partners
  • Strict Regulatory Compliance
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HealthLight Red Light Therapy Pads

Our Products

Inspired by Nobel Prize Winning Science. Supported by 3,000 Research Studies. Engineered and made in the USA.
For temporary relief of minor pain and stiffness. Not intended to treat or cure any disease.

Thousands of studies, Decades of Research

Inspired by Nobel Prize-Winning Science

Researchers around the world have been studying the effects of Low Level Light Therapy (LLLT) and have found that certain wavelengths of light within the red, blue and infrared bands are beneficial to living tissue. Light therapy has now been in use by the medical profession to increase circulation and reduce pain, stiffness and aches for more than 20 years. We have compiled a sampling of studies for your review.

Meet Our Team

The HealthLight team is dedicated to helping people find relief from pain.

Alison Walsh Circle

Alison Walsh

Customer Care Representative

Alison has extensive experience in customer service and sales. She came to HealthLight after seeing her brother battle Cancer and struggle with Neuropathy from chemo. Her passion is helping others get out of pain and improve their lives. Alison is very knowledgeable about light therapy and how it can help people get back to the life they love.

Contact Alison: (312) 324-7402

Joanna Fearnley HealthLight

Joanna Fearnley

Clinical Sales Advisor

Joanna has been a nurse for over 13 years and attended Southern California University of Health Sciences as well as CNI Medical Institute.

Joanna has a diverse background in the medical field, including holistic oncology/alternative medicine, private duty pediatric nursing and nurse management in a senior living community.

Contact Joanna: (312) 789-4548

Bob Wolters

Bob Wolters


Bob is a 25 year veteran executive and entrepreneur who has created and grown a number of companies by providing superior value to partners and customers. An early pioneer in the growing LED Light Therapy field, Bob has a strong belief in its power to provide pain relief, improved circulation and better lives to many people.

Don Baldwin hl

Don Baldwin


Don has 27 years a as senior financial manager for small and midsized companies, with a specialty in medical devices and regulatory compliance. International experience in financial reporting, detailed financial analysis and overall financial and operational management.

Jonathan Stewart

Jonathan Stewart


Jonathan has over 3 decades experience in engineering, management and directing quality/regulatory affairs. He has in-depth knowledge about growing businesses, connecting and building creative, collaborative relationships with vendors, customers and stakeholders.

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Andy Friedman


Andy is an accomplished marketing leader known for his work in digital media. He is responsible for the construction and management of the company website, social media channels and videos that highlight the success of medical professionals and patients with light therapy.

Introduction to HealthLight

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The Healthlight Difference

Quickest treatment time of any LED light therapy pad.

LEDs are optimally placed within neoprene pads.

Red/Infrared light for ideal penetration and efficacy.

Operates at body temperature, unlike other products.

Highest quality and most durable components.

The most powerful clinical strength LEDs in the market.

No seams so therapy pads won’t split or fray.

USB-style connectors, not breakable DIN’s.

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Privacy & Security Policy

Your information is never sold by HealthlIght LLC and your privacy is secure. Click here for the HealthLight Privacy and Security Policy.

HealthLight's Exclusive National Distributor of Products is Energia Medical LLC.

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