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We continue to hear about excellent patient outcomes with the use of HealthLight Light Therapy devices.
See some of their stories below.

Leg Pain

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Melissa Wilson was having non-stop pain in her shin that kept her up at night and prevented her from enjoying her daily walks. Her new HealthLight therapy pad solved the problem.

See the device Melissa used.

Leg & Body Pain

Ben Richards

Ben Richards was badly wounded in an IED attack while serving in Iraq. He spent years in severe pain, but has finally found relief with HealthLight light therapy products. Please join us in thanking Ben and other heroes for their service.

See the device Ben uses.

Shoulder & Elbow Pain

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Tom Bullinger was experiencing great results at the gym lifting weights - until he started getting severe shoulder and elbow pain. After investigating several treatments, he discovered LED light therapy from CareLight. In a very short time, Tom's pain subsided and he is back in the gym bulking up once again.


Dr Moore Thumbnail

Dr. Robert Moore relies on HealthLight devices to treat pain from a variety of conditions on the feet, lower legs, back, neck, hips and other areas of the body. He also provides pads for patients to use at home and calls the results "amazing."

See the device Dr. Moore Uses.

Leg & Hip Pain

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Phillis Chrampanis had persistent hip and leg pain that prevented her from using stairs. After just a short time with LED light therapy pads from HealthLight, she is nearly pain free and back on the stairs.

See the device Phillis uses.

Feet & Lower Legs

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Judy Fox was suffering from nonstop foot pain and numbness. She had trouble sleeping and living the life she was used to. Judy has now bought HealthLight therapy pads for everyone in her family.

See the device Judy uses.

Leg & Hip Pain

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Jeannie had un-ending hip and leg pain following an accident that left her seemingly unable to function. She got immediate results from LED light therapy pads from HealthLight and is back to her old life.

See the device Jeannie uses.

Foot Pain

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Bill Manning was unable to enjoy hiking and skiing near his mountain home due to unending foot pain. HealthLight devices changed all that.

See the device Bill is using.

Leg Pain

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HealthLight's Andy Friedman got in a scary bike accident and had leg pain afterwards. He found rapid relief from a week's use of a light therapy device.

See the device Andy used.

Feet & Leg Pain

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Donald Althoff was unable to play golf, as he suffered constant pain in his feet and lower legs. His symptoms are much improved

See the device Donald used.

Feet & Leg Pain

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Beth Dawson thought she was headed for a wheelchair. After a short time using HealthLight, Beth was back on her feet.

See the device Beth used.

Hand & Arm Pain

Nancy Iida had persistent hand pain that affected her everyday life, including her painting and artistic welding. She experienced rapid, profound pain relief by using LED light therapy pads from HealthLight.

See the device Nancy uses.

Hand & Finger Pain

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Karen Freeling suffered from endless pain in her hands that affected her work. She was amazed at how quickly light therapy made a major difference.

See the device Karen used.

Hip & Back Pain

vid thumb larry sims

"I thought I had no choice but to live with constant back and hip pain. Light therapy technology changed my life." - Larry Sims, Retired Emergency Room Doctor

See the device Larry used.

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