HealthLight's Express
Line of Products.

Your practice can save time and money by sending patients home with their own pad. Our lower extremity products are engineered to allow patients treatment at an affordable cost in the comfort of their homes.

Express At-Home Controller

This small controller is attached to all of the Express At-Home pads. With the touch of a button, it turns on and turns off automatically after 20 minutes of use.

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Express At-Home Pads

Express At-Home products have the advantage of being available for use once or even several times per day, which often improves the speed and effectiveness of the treatment.

foot ankle pad 1

Foot & Ankle

122 Diode Pad

foot calf pad

Foot & Calf

131 Diode Pad

small pad


90 Diode Pad

focus pad


64 Diode Pad

132 Blue sm

Medium Blue

132 Diode Pad

large pad


264 Diode Body Pad

180 Tri sm v2

Long Tri-Color

180 Diode Pad

facemask thumb

Face Mask

104 Diode Pad

264 Blue sm v1

Large Blue

264 Diode Pad

180 Pad


180 Diode Pad

medium pad


132 Diode Pad

Product Demonstration

HealthLight Foot & Calf Pad Demonstration

Allie 2

HealthLight Foot & Ankle Pad Demonstration

mastercontrol award 2019

Express At-Home Packages

We've combined some of our popular pads into packages.

dual foot ankle express

Double Foot & Calf

This package includes:

Express Controller - Qty 1
Foot & Calf Pads - Qty 2

2 x 2 port foot calf

Double Foot & Ankle

This package includes:

Express Controller - Qty 1
Foot & Ankle Pads - Qty 2

express foot and hand

Foot & Hand

This package includes:

Express Controller - Qty 1
Foot & Calf Pad - Qty 1
Medium 132 Pad - Qty 1

large and long

Large & Long

This package includes:

Express Controller - Qty 1
Large 264 Pad - Qty 1
Long 180 Pad - Qty 1