NEW: Battery-Powered Controller

Fewer cords. More freedom. Pain relief on the go.

Use HealthLight anywhere.

Just plug in your pads and get pain relief wherever you are.
Enjoy the convenience of having fewer cords to manage.
Use HealthLight in the car, in the backyard, on an airplane or even while cooking.

Compatible with all pads sold since 2018. Two-year warranty.

  • Incredibly light: 9.5 oz
  • Fits in your hand: 3.25″ x 5.75″ x 1″
  • Single charge lasts 5-10 sessions
  • Use your own phone/tablet USB-C charger.
  • Charges in under 3 hours.
  • Can charge during use.

How to Use the Foot & Ankle Pad


How to Use HealthLight Controllers

Satisfied Customers Who Have Tried Our Red Light Therapy Pads

Reviews From Our Customers

Benefits of Light Therapy

for pain and increased circulation

Light therapy uses red and infrared light. 

The light triggers the release of nitric oxide from blood vessels and red blood cells. Nitric oxide causes local vasodilation that lasts several hours after the therapy session has ended.

Vasodilation significantly improves blood flow, which lessens pain, promotes tissue growth and helps nerves to begin to carry sensations again.

Photon Energy

Photon energy releases nitric oxide.

Nitric Oxide

Nitric Oxide leads to increased vasidilation.


Vasodilation increases blood flow and with oxygen and nutrients.

Cells and Nerves

Cells and nerves operate at homeostasis reducing pain.

Improved Sleep

Improved sleep due to reduced pain and discomort.

Healthier Nerves

Healthier nerves firing more normally increases sensation.

Increased Circulation

Increased circulation enables healing of tissues.

Reduction in falls

Reduction in falls that are caused by lack of sensation.

The Healthlight Difference

Highest power at the skin.

Never operates above 105 degree F.

Focusing lens to optimize energy focus

Proudly made in the USA

Pulses to avoid tolerance build-up

red blue light waves

Ability to maintain narrow band of beneficial wavelengths

Pad flexibility conforms to body--no loss of energy at pain site

USB-style connectors, not breakable DIN’s.

2, 3 or 6-Port Controllers

The controller set up allows for flexibility in a variety of treatment settings. Extra-long cords allow easy access from the wall outlet.

Multiple pads can be connected simultaneously using our 2, 3 or 6 port controllers. Each pad comes with two velcro straps for optimal fit for each patient.


HL 6 Port 3 Port Front Back v2

Pricing Transparency

At HealthLight, we believe in transparency and providing our customers with the most accurate and personalized information. You may have noticed that there are no prices listed on our website, and we want to take a moment to explain our approach.

  • Your Health First

    There are times and comorbidities that could prohibit the use of infrared.  We want to be sure your purchase will be beneficial to you. Please speak to our medical advisors before purchasing.

  • Personalized Service

     Each customer's needs are unique, and we strive to offer solutions tailored to your specific requirements. By avoiding generic pricing, we can better understand your individual needs and provide a more accurate and personalized quote.

To get a personalized quote or learn more about our pricing, simply reach out to our dedicated team. We are committed to providing you with a quick and comprehensive response.

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