Single Foot & Ankle Pad

Express At-Home Line

The Single Foot & Ankle Pad covers the top and bottom of foot, achilles tendon, and partial wrap around ankle. For pain or circulatory problems of the feet. It is most often paired together with the 90 pad, thus allowing for treatment of the calf, foot and ankle at the same time. The standard wavelengths are red (630nm) and infrared (850nm).

This pad also features dual use design:

1. Use lengthwise along the calf and under the foot
2. Wrap around the food and ankle like a shoe

Mid-to-Bottom section 4.5 inches wide by 15.5 inches long. Top section 7 inches wide x 9 inches long.

70 infrared and 52 red.

*All Express pads come with our easy, one button controller.

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