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Jun 3, 2022 | Laurie Velger

Medically reviewed by Karen Wolters, RN and Joanna Fearnley, LPN

Red light therapy for hands is key for pain relief in hands, wrist and fingers. If you are like most people, you probably take your fingers, hands and wrists for granted, never stopping to think how important they are to your daily quality of life! But disease or injury can cause the loss of finger, hand, and/or wrist function, whereby  acute or chronic pain, stiffness, or swelling in your finger joints, hand, and/or wrist may severely limit your ability to do essential tasks like grooming, dressing, making meals, cleaning your home, and even driving.

These ailments can also affect your ability to write with a pen or pencil, grip other common objects like a cell phone or tablet, type on a computer keyboard, and handle a computer mouse — negatively impacting your job performance.  But red light therapy for hands can help with pain relief plus restore finger, hand, and wrist function — allowing you to do everyday tasks once again!

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Common Hand and Wrist Issues

Since the hand and wrist are composed of many bones, muscles, ligaments, and tendons, these can be subjected to a variety of common medical conditions that affect dexterity, mobility, and function.  Finger joints can be affected by rheumatoid arthritis (RA) osteoarthritis (OA), or trigger finger/trigger thumb.  The wrist can also be impacted by OA, as well as carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS), tendonitis or tenosynovitis.  Muscles and tissues in the hand may suffer sprains, strains, or tears.  Bones in the fingers, hand, or wrist may fracture.  And burns and wounds can also affect hand function. But no matter what type of issue or injury may affect your fingers, hand, or wrist, red light therapy for hands can dependably, effectively, and safely provide pain relief and healing support.
Red light therapy for hands

What is Red Light/Infrared Therapy?

A basic definition of Infrared Therapy is the use of light at different wavelengths and intensities to stimulate beneficial chemical processes and inhibit negative processes within the cells of the body.  Studies have found that red light and near/infrared light produce wide-ranging effects at the molecular, cellular, and tissue levels when therapy pads are placed on the body and photons of light are absorbed through the skin.  “The light triggers biochemical changes within cells and can be compared to the process of photosynthesis in plants, where the photons are absorbed by cellular photoreceptors and triggers chemical changes.”

A wide variety of health practitioners,  including medical doctors, chiropractors, and physical therapists, utilize Red Light/Infrared Therapy for: “…reducing pain and inflammation, augmenting tissue repair and promoting regeneration of different tissues and nerves, and preventing tissue damage in situations where it is likely to occur.”  Red Light Therapy for hands (also known as “low-level light therapy” or “LLLT”) is non-invasive and, “…has an almost complete lack of reported adverse effects…”

Red Light/Infrared Therapy for Hands, Fingers and Wrists 

Red Light/Infrared Therapy systems are considered to be Class II medical devices and have been granted FDA clearance for increasing circulation, relieving pain, relaxing muscles, relieving muscle spasms, and relieving the aches and stiffness caused by arthritis —important therapeutic benefits for those suffering from issues with their fingers, hand, and/or wrist caused by arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, and other painful conditions.

Red Light Therapy for hands excels at providing fast-acting pain relief for musculoskeletal issues.  “According to the more than 4000 studies on, it can be concluded that the majority of laboratory and clinical studies have demonstrated that LLLT has a positive effect on acute and chronic musculoskeletal pain.”  And specifically for finger, hand, and wrist conditions: “…tendinitis and chronic conditions such as osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis,…carpal tunnel syndrome…are amenable to LLLT.”

In addition to providing relief from pain, aches, and stiffness, Red Light/Infrared Therapy supports and accelerates the body’s own innate healing processes to gradually regenerate nerves and tissues, so that sensation can eventually return to the fingers, hand, and wrist, which is especially important to those suffering from numbness,  a symptom of carpal tunnel.  To summarize the positive power of Red Light Therapy for hands, a 2015 study stated that, “These low doses of light have demonstrated the ability to heal skin, nerves, tendons, cartilage and bones.”  So basically, all major components of the fingers, hands, and wrist can be helped and supported by Red Light Therapy!

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Best Light Therapy Pads for the Hand and Wrist

If you suffer from finger, hand, or wrist issues, why not consider Red Light Therapy for pain relief and healing support, rather than pharmaceuticals, corticosteroid injections, or wrist splinting?  HealthLight, a leading USA-based manufacturer of professional medical-grade light therapy systems, offers 4 different LED light therapy pads that are excellent for treating the fingers, hand, and/or wrist.  And as all of HealthLight’s red light therapy pads are flexible, this makes them also versatile — meaning that the same therapy pad can be used to treat many additional areas of the body as this chart shows:

Pad Size & Shape Treating Hand/Wrist Problems

Plus Additional Areas

HealthLight Pad #
Large Rectangular Pad This pad used horizontally can treat the front or back of both hands, all fingers, and the wrist simultaneously. It can also be folded into a mitt to treat the whole hand.

Additional Areas: Upper and Lower Back; the Spine; Hip; Pelvis; Groin; Buttocks; Stomach; Shoulder; Upper and Lower Arm; Knee; Thigh; Ankle; and Chest.  Or both Feet or Calves simultaneously.

Large 264 Pad

8 x 15”

264 Diodes:

144 Infrared

120 Red

Long & Narrow Pad This pad can be wrapped around the wrist to treat Carpal Tunnel pain, or wrapped over all fingers and palm of one hand. Or placed horizontally, the front or back of both hands/fingers can be treated.

Additional Areas: Back; Limbs; Feet; Joints; Shoulder. Wrap around Arm; Elbow; Leg; Knee; Thigh; Heel; or Ankle with Velcro to treat all sides at once. Horizontally can treat Upper or Lower Back; Stomach; front or back of both Shoulders; or both Soles or all Toes at once. Or under the Sole, up the Heel, and to the Calf. Or over top of Foot and then bended under the Sole. Also from Knee up to Thigh, or from Knee down the Leg.

Long 180 Pad

5 x 16”

180 Diodes:

100 Infrared

80 Red

Medium Rectangular Pad This pad can treat the front or back of  the hand/ fingers. It can also be folded and wrapped around the wrist or hand/fingers. Offers the strongest light penetration of all HealthLight pads, making it a good choice for Arthritis or Carpal Tunnel pain.

Additional Areas: Shoulder; Elbow; Upper/Lower Back; Upper/Lower Arm; Thigh; Hip; Pelvis; Groin; Chest; Stomach; Buttock; and Thigh.

Medium 132 Pad

8 x 9”

132 Diodes:

72 Infrared

60 Red

Small Rectangular Pad This pad can treat a localized area such as the front or back of the wrist, palm, or fingers when placed flat. This pad can also be folded to wrap around the wrist, fingers, or hand. Its small size makes placement easy.

Additional Areas: Front or back of Neck; Upper or Lower Back; TMJ Area; Arm; Elbow; Shoulder; Toes; Heel; or Ankle.

Small 90

9.8 x 4.5”

90 Diodes:

50 Infrared

40 Red

Choose HealthLight!

In addition to your fingers, hands, and wrists, all areas of your body can benefit from Red Light/Infrared Therapy!  And HealthLight makes the most powerful clinical strength LED Red Light/Infrared Therapy systems available in today’s marketplace.  systems from HealthLight are durable, high quality medical-grade devices for both clinics and consumers that deliver the optimum amount of joules for the best therapeutic outcomes.  HealthLight offers a variety of red light systems for hands that meet the needs of any individual, family, or health clinic. When choosing Red Light Therapy for hands — choose HealthLight!

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