How we compare to other light therapy products.

HealthLight Product Comparison

Key Findings

  • Healthlight treatment time is four times faster than Anodyne. Healthlight has one 20 minute cycle. Meanwhile, Andodyne requires two 30 minute cycles separated by 20 minutes off.

  • Healthlight's joules per session is almost 20% more while taking four times less time to deliver. (See row 11.)

  • Healthlight delivers more than twice the infrared total power at the surface of the pad. (See row 8.)

  • Healthlight LEDs are at the surface of the pad while Anodyne's are substantially recessed. The joules of energy produced at the surface is almost four times more for Healthlight. (See row 9.)

  • The infrared amount of milliwatts of energy at the surface of the pad is more that 10 times higher for Healthlight. (See row 6.)

  • Healthlight's effective treatment area is more than three times larger. (See row 1.)

  • Healthlight has red LEDs to treat the tissue surface while Anodyne has none. (See row 3.)

  • Healthlight's maximum surface temperature is approximately body temperature while Anodyne is 18° F higher. (See row 2.)

An independent outside lab was contracted to compare products between Healthlight LLC (Healthlight) and Anodyne Therapy LLC. (Anodyne).

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