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Introduction to HealthLight

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HealthLight is Trusted by Professionals

See how HealthLight light therapy products are making a difference for patients and healthcare professionals.

Foot Ankle HL 600


Relieve pain in the comfort of your own home.

wwh physical therapists

Physical Therapists

For all body types - accelerates treatment.

wwh chiropractors


Popular for reductions of pain in all areas.

wwh podiatrists


Reduces pain in patients' lower extremities.

wwh massage therapists

Massage Therapists

Light therapy is used before massage session.

The Healthlight Difference

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Quickest treatment time of any LED light therapy pad.

LEDS are optimally placed within neoprene pads.

Red/Infrared light for ideal penetration and efficacy.

Operates at body temperature, unlike other products.

Highest quality and most durable components.

The most powerful clinical strength LEDs in the market.

No seams so therapy pads won’t split or fray.

USB-style connectors, not breakable DIN’s.

There are many uses for HealthLight products.

HealthLight specializes in red light, infrared light, and blue light therapy devices.

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