A Versatile Two-Pad Red Light Therapy System Can Treat Your Entire Body!

Apr 11, 2023 | Laurie Velger

Medically reviewed by Karen Wolters, RN and Joanna Fearnley, LPN

One of the most amazing and exciting things about Red Light Therapy is that it can non-invasively treat every external part of the human body. And internally, Red Light Therapy’s ability to increase circulation can benefit the entire musculoskeletal system, the organs, and even veins, arteries, and blood cells. Red Light Therapy can even stimulate the body’s own regeneration of nerves and tissues! And best of all, especially for those seeking a more natural approach to pain relief, Red Light Therapy is fast-acting, non-addictive, risk free and totally safe, as well as highly effective, and dependable! Plus, Red Light Therapy can actually accelerate the body’s own innate healing ability!

Red Light Therapy for Pain Relief plus Healing Support

What this means for you and your family (or for your practice, if you are a health practitioner) is that even a small two-pad Red Light Therapy System can serve very well as a drug-free, risk-free, go-to method of treatment for almost any musculoskeletal health condition that might arise — from occasional aches and pains, and muscle sprains, strains, and fatigue, to more chronic conditions such as upper or lower back pain, wrist issues, heel issues, hip and knee problems, shoulder conditions, and numbness in the hands and/or feet. Red Light Therapy can also offer pain relief and healing support for injuries such as wounds and broken bones, and help ease the pain resulting from surgery while shortening the time needed for recovery. And if you or your family members engage in sports, Red Light Therapy can boost sports performance and reduce muscle fatigue and recovery time. (See the February 21, 2023 HealthLight article Red Light Therapy for Boosting Sports Performance and Reducing Recovery Time.)

Plus, as the decades roll by, science is discovering more and more health conditions that are amenable to Red Light Therapy. For example, painful diseases such as osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, and fibromyalgia can be helped by Red Light Therapy. In fact, Dr. Michael R. Hamblin, a pioneer in the study of light therapy, states, “To a very great extent I believe that almost all types and variety of human diseases can be treated with light (of one

kind or another).”1 So why not give Red Light Therapy a place in your home armamentarium?

The Benefits of One Versatile Red Light Therapy System

One versatile Red Light Therapy system can treat conditions affecting any area of your body. And one Red Light Therapy system can provide treatment for your entire family. Red Light Therapy can be used to treat existing conditions or as a means of maintaining wellness. So which size and shape of Red Light Therapy Pads would most effectively comprise the ideal two-pad system providing the most benefits?

The Two Most Versatile Red Light Therapy Pads

When it comes to getting the greatest benefits from Red Light Therapy, “coverage is key.” This is because in order to be most effective, the Red Light Therapy Pads in your system should ideally cover the entire body area that requires treatment. Another important consideration is pad flexibility because “flexibility equals versatility.” The more flexible a pad is, the more versatile it can be. A pad that is pliable and bendable can be wrapped around many different body areas, especially the joints, if held in place by Velcro strips. So make sure that the pads you choose are made of neoprene or any similar pliable material.

Considering these two parameters of coverage and versatility, you cannot go wrong with purchasing both a long narrow pad plus a large wide pad. A long narrow pad can be wrapped around a joint, hand, or foot, or cradle the upper or lower back or the neck. A large wide pad can be wrapped around the thigh, arm, knee, or calf, or cover most of the chest or spine.

This combination of a long narrow pad and a large wide pad in your Red Light Therapy system will provide substantial coverage that can easily address therapy needs all over the body — the limbs, the large and small joints, the back, the shoulders, the jaw, and the neck, to name a few areas.

Red Light Therapy Pads Chart

Choose HealthLight

A two-pad Red Light Therapy system as described should provide you and your family (or your patients) with dependable pain relief and healing support for many years! But just as all exercise equipment is not created equal, this same rule applies to Red Light Therapy devices. To get the best support for your entire body, make sure to select your Red Light Therapy device from HealthLight. All HealthLight systems are durable, high quality medical-grade devices for both clinics and consumers that deliver the optimum amount of joules into your body for fast-acting and dependable pain relief, plus the acceleration of your body’s innate healing processes! HealthLight makes the most powerful clinical-strength Infrared Light Therapy devices available in today’s marketplace. And HealthLight offers a wide choice of Red Light Therapy Pads and controllers to meet the needs and budget of any individual, family, or health practitioner.

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