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LED Light therapy is a fast-growing phototherapy treatment modality as years of research are combining with excellent patient outcomes to spread the word.

Increasingly, patients who suffer from pain, stiffness and aches in muscles and joints are turning to LED light therapy after being disappointed in other types of treatments.

You may be a medical professional who wants to sell effective at-home therapy devices to patients. LED Light therapy treatment done at-home has many patient benefits.

Alternatively, you may be a sales professional who is experienced in providing solutions to the healthcare community.

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All About HealthLight

Phototherapy researchers around the world have been studying the effects of Low Level Light Therapy (LLLT) and have completed thousands of studies. We have compiled a sampling for your review.

The HealthLight Difference

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    Quickest treatment time of any LED light therapy pad.

  • icon-lavender-lines

    Red/Infrared light for ideal penetration and efficacy.

  • icon-lavender-award

    Highest quality and most durable components.

  • icon-lavender-sewing

    No seams so therapy pads won’t split or fray.

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    LEDS are optimally placed within neoprene pads.

  • icon-lavender-thermometer

    Operates at body temperature, unlike other products.

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    The most powerful clinical strength LEDs in the market.

  • icon-lavender-usb

    USB-style connectors, not breakable DIN’s.

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