HealthLight for VA Patients

HealthLight is Now Available at the VA

Medical-Grade Light Therapy Devices for Pain Relief

Read this letter from our founder.

Dear Veteran:

A veteran friend of yours has forwarded this letter to let you know there is an answer to your pain.  They have been prescribed Healthlight, infrared light therapy pads, by their VAMC and want to share with you their discovery for pain relief.

Lots of good news about infrared light therapy—drug free, non-invasive, safe.  All you do is turn it on, put it on, and it auto turns off in 20 minutes.  Relax, read a book, watch TV.  All you feel is a slight warmth.  The military is wanting our veterans off pain medications, and Healthlight can be a great choice.

Healthlight has supplied thousands of people in pain with our best in class products manufactured in the USA!

Here is how you can learn more:

  • Contact Healthlight to learn more and we will help you choose the infrared light product for your health needs: 312-736-2981.  Our nurses or light therapists will assist you.
  • Healthlight will send you the information to give to your PCM or VAMC. It will also identify our Federal Supply Schedule contract number.  Healthlight is exclusively distributed by USVetServ, a service-disabled small business.
  • Take the information we send and take it to your PCM.

Give us a call.  Get your life back!

Karen Wolters, RN


Cell:  312-736-2981

HealthLight Medical-Grade Light Therapy Products Are Now in FSS

Federal Supply Schedule: 65-IIA Contract#: 36F79722D0041 SIN: A-72

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Drug-free, non-invasive, often-effective pain relief

Circulation improvement

Muscle relaxation

Temporary relief for stiffness caused by arthritis

Results often felt after just a few sessions

Home use: sell pads to patients for additional clinic revenue

Full marketing support provided 

Introduction to HealthLight


Meet Our Customers Who Use HealthLight Red Light Therapy Pads at Home

Their Stories Can be Your Story

Shoulder & Elbow Pain


Tom Bullinger was often at the gym lifting weights - until he started getting severe shoulder and elbow pain. After investigating several treatments, he discovered red light therapy from HealthLight. In a very short time, Tom's pain subsided and he is back in the gym bulking up once again.

Hand Pain


Nancy Iida had persistent hand pain that affected her everyday life, including her painting and artistic welding. She experienced rapid, profound pain relief by using red light therapy pads from HealthLight.


Leg and Hip Pain


Phillis Chrampanis had persistent hip and leg pain that prevented her from using stairs. After just a short time with red light therapy pads from HealthLight, she is nearly pain free and back on the stairs.


The Healthlight Difference

Quickest treatment time of any LED light therapy pad.

LEDs are optimally placed within neoprene pads.

Red/Infrared light for ideal penetration and efficacy.

Operates at body temperature, unlike other products.

Highest quality and most durable components.

The most powerful clinical strength LEDs in the market.

No seams so therapy pads won’t split or fray.

USB-style connectors, not breakable DIN’s.

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