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Keys to a Successful Clinic: Developing Pain Treatment Programs with NIR Therapy

By Rob Berman | August 27, 2020

Whenever a person experiences prolonged pain for whatever reason, their immediate need is to seek medical care to get that pain erased or reduced as quickly as possible. So it is not surprising that, “Pain is the most common reason for physician consultation in the United States.”[1] But it is surprising that so many people…

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The Cutting-Edge Chiropractor:  Make Your Clinic Stand Out with NIR Therapy

By Rob Berman | May 1, 2020

When Ronald Collins DC, owner of Hilton Head Chiropractic in Hardeeville, South Carolina, first made the decision to introduce NIR (near-infrared/red light) Therapy into his practice in January, 2020, he was somewhat skeptical.  But after just two weeks, he was amazed at the results of his new LED pad systems — how effective NIR Therapy…

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