How Massage Therapists Can Use NIR Therapy

Adding NIR Therapy to Your Practice Can Bring Many Benefits

NIR Therapy is non-invasive, painless, safe, effective, easy to administer, and has no known negative side effects.  For example, a large 8-inch by 15-inch Near Infrared (NIR) Therapy pad can bring many benefits to your massage practice.  The red lights work on the body for more surface area and the infrared lights give a deeper penetration.

It can loosen up the stiff back muscles of a stressed-out client before the massage, so that the strength and pressure of your hand work will not have to be so labor intensive.  Or, placed on the hand or leg of a senior in discomfort from pain, that pad’s warm and gentle photons of NIR light can do the work of increasing circulation and speeding up pain relief as you massage that client’s other hand or leg.

And, at the end of your workday, you can place those NIR pads on yourself to take out tension, and ease any pain or discomfort that may have resulted from a full day of massages. No wonder more and more massage therapists are adding NIR Therapy to their menu!

Expand Your Massage Menu
NIR Therapy pads can give a whole new dimension to your practice, as you now provide an additional service with NIR Therapy that may augment results when offered concurrently with a massage.  NIR Therapy can also be listed on your menu as an add-on before or after the massage, or as a stand-alone treatment modality. Either way, offering NIR Therapy sets you apart from the competition.  And this can potentially expand your income.

A Winning Partnership
Since massage therapy and NIR Therapy complement one another, NIR Therapy is very easy to incorporate into your practice — no matter the types of massage you offer your clients. Both modalities support the body’s own natural healing processes to assist in reducing pain and discomfort. And, like most types of massage, NIR Therapy is gentle, relaxing, and soothing. NIR Therapy has been proven to bring cellular enhancements that could potentially amplify the benefits of your massages. Used together, these two modalities can be a highly effective strategy for bringing your clients the most benefit.

NIR Therapy Reduces Joint Pain
There is one very important thing that NIR Therapy can do that massage cannot — in addition to reducing pain in soft tissue and muscle, NIR Therapy can also reduce joint pain, getting into areas where massage may not reach.  With NIR Therapy, you can expand the benefits of your massage session by wrapping a NIR pad around a hip, a shoulder, a knee, an elbow, or an ankle, providing your clients with a deeper level of pain relief from stiffness, arthritis, or injury than massage alone can achieve.

Ways to Use NIR Therapy
There are three fundamental ways to utilize NIR Therapy in your practice: before, during, or after the massage. Your choice of timeframe will probably vary from massage to massage, depending upon the client’s current physical issues, your therapy goals for that client, and what the client wants during a particular session.

  • NIR Therapy Before the Massage:  Incorporating NIR Therapy into your session before the massage commences may often be the most beneficial approach for your clients and for you.  An effective strategy could be applying pads to body areas with the greatest need for the first 20 minutes before inception of the hand work.  As the NIR Therapy pads are placed directly on the body where relief from pain and stiffness are most needed, these pads will warm up the tissues and trigger the increase in circulation that begins the process of pain relief. Your client’s body will become less tense and less stiff, more relaxed, more supple, and therefore, easier for you to massage once the session starts  – saving you some degree of hard work by reducing the forcefulness  and pressure of your hand work that, minus the NIR pads, may have been required to achieve similar results.
  • NIR Therapy During the Massage:  A second way to incorporate NIR Therapy is to introduce NIR pads during the massage session, usually at the start.  NIR pads can be held in place on the body by Velcro straps. The gentle warmth of the NIR pads will relax muscles, soothe tissue, and help bring the client a deeper degree of relaxation and stress reduction.  The NIR Light can penetrate into the joints, bringing relief from chronic pain or injury. As the session continues, NIR pads could then be shifted around the body to do their work on different areas while you do hand work on other areas.
  • NIR Therapy After the Massage:  The last way to incorporate NIR Therapy is to treat your client with a full twenty-minute NIR Therapy session immediately after the massage concludes. The client may remain prone on the massage table, or moved to a chair while one or more NIR pads are placed on problem areas. NIR Therapy will stimulate many cellular processes that support the body’s innate healing ability.  And this boost will persist for some time after the conclusion of the NIR Therapy session.

If you choose to use NIR Therapy before or after hand work, a larger 6-port controller system from HealthLight’s Clinical Line can operate up to six NIR pads simultaneously, enabling an extensive therapy session that can address multiple problem areas at once.

Put NIR Therapy on Your Massage Menu
In conclusion, incorporating NIR Therapy into your massage practice is simple and easy to do; is beneficial to your clients; may augment the results of your massage sessions; may save you some intense hand work; and you may use the same equipment for clients and for self-treatment.  Also, NIR Therapy has the potential to boost your earnings by expanding your services. So consider adding NIR Therapy to your massage menu today. HealthLight has many different sized FDA-cleared system options available to suit the needs of any massage clinic, from the smallest to the largest.